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This is MY opinion ONLY about one reason you might be suffering from the brain fog. My son is ill, and was thought (by myself) to had adrenal problems for the past two years. As it turned out, according to the Mayo doctors, he had POTS instead. To make a long story short, I wonder whether the poor circulation of blood (and therefore, OXYGEN) to the brain from lowered BP might contribute? I know that dehydration is a problem for those with Addison's, as can be hypoglycemia, which can also cause spaciness. You have many contributing factors. My son often complains of not having the ability to focus or remember things anymore (short term memory loss). He is only 17, and was always in the "Gifted" programs in school prior to this illness. At any rate, I believe his symptoms (and YOURS) are indeed VERY real and present. What to DO about them -- I would recommend trying some diet changes (experiments) and a great increase in fluids. Be sure you get enough salt so that your body can utilize it along with the fluids to build up your blood supply. What they suggest for my son, as well, is exercise of his legs and buttocks muscles, so that they can be additional pumps of blood to his head. Much has atrophied in him, as he had no strength or stamina to get around. This may also contribute to what YOU are feeling. Just some suggestions.

Best wishes, :wave: Tracy

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