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Got my test results back for my Synacthen Test from my Crohns Consultant (gastrologist). He said although my base line Cortisol level was low he thought it rose adequately later (although he did admit he was no blood expert).

He said although I had all the symptoms of Addison including the skin discolouration he still had his doubts and that a lot of the symptoms could be ANXIETY.

I asked him if he was aware that HRT had just enough Cortisol in it to keep you ticking over, he admitted he did'nt.

I am now being admitted on Monday for a CAT scan of the brain and a abdominal ultra sound and a repeat Synacthen Test.

I have since found out through trawling the web that if you have suffered Premature Menopause (had a total hysterectomy when I was 32) it is quite common to suffer adrenal insufficiency, and a good test to have is a Adrenal anti-body test this apparently picks up Addisons in its early stages. Since this has been going on for three years I somehow don't call it early.

So Orion and co, do you have any suggestions before they tell me I'm mad again next week.

Thanks alot

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