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Hi, I have a question about corisol tests. I know I don't have Addisons - sorry to bug you all, but I did see any other group that would know more than you all about Cortisol testing. That said...

I have several symptoms that have made me think I have high corisol levels. High blood pressure that's been very hard to control, a wierd retinal condition, etc. My Dr. agreed to run thyroid tests and cortisol. I had a serum test at 8 am and 8pm that came back abnormal. The morning one was 18.1 and the night one was 16.7 (upper limit was 12.0). So, my Dr. ordered a 24 hour urine test. I did that a couple weeks ago. I got a call today from the Dr. office. Something odd showed up at the lab (no detail/no test #'s). They had me come in to take another 24 hour urine test so the lab could run a "parallel test."

Seems odd to me. When I went to the lab today, I also got the feeling like they knew more than they were telling me. At first it was just that the lab couldn't get a good reading. Then it was they found something else (material or chemical) in the readings. Then it was, well the Dr. and the lab test talked on the phone and went over all your meds and ruled that out.

My brain has 3 trains of thought:
1) they found something really awful and want to be sure before they tell me. A natural human reaction and probably wrong, but hey, that's the way the mind works.

2) They found some illicit drug and suspect me of something. (not true BTW)

3) Maybe the test container or lab equipment was contaminated or something. But then, why would they want a "parallel test" not just a new sample.

The thing that still is in my head is that they want the new sample as quickly as I can reasonably provide it so they can do this "parallel test."

Any thoughts / ideas? Thanks for the help. I will also post an update when and if I find out the real reason/results.

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