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I recently had a adrenocortex saliva test. My reasons were because I have symptoms that seem to screen adrenal insufficiency... if surprised or waken up during night I get that panicy fight or flight feeling and my body does not calm down for hours, I crave salt and have a sodium level the lowest number considered in the normal range yet I eat salt like crazy. FOr 15 years I have had low blood pressure on and off and lately it has been low 3 times when checked by dr. I also have the morning low backache that gets better as day goes by and isn't related to physical exertion, also have reactive hypoglycemia & white spots & petechaie on skin which I recently read are common in Addison's. One of my drs has suggested before testing that I have CAH based on high androgen levels and tested negative for PCOC so she says the hormones are coming from adrenals. Another naturopath said based on symptoms of panicy feeling that I have adrenal fatigue.

Here's the levels on my test showing normal cortisol which really surprised me.

7am-9am 1.10 - range 0.27-2.06
11am-1pm - 0.23 -range 0.03-0.77
3pm-5pm - 0.21- range 0.03-0.56
10pm-12am - 0.07 -range 0.03-0.50

DHEA 281 range is 14-281

Labs conclusion- Normal cortisol. DHEA high suggesting adrenal hyperfunction and hypoglycemia or a panic disorder.

So if I have normal cortisol does that mean I don't have CAH or Addison's or adrenal insufficiency? It feels to me like my body is screaming for help. I have almost no quality of life. I am always tired despite hypothyroid medication. What should I do? Would self treating with Isocort or glandulars help or make things worse? When I have been given steriods for asthma I did not tolerate the synthetics at all. Immediate side effects including rage and worsening of hypoglycemia. Help!!

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