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8 AM cortisol should be 6 - 30, and if it's over 20, and someone else may have been told differently, they don't need to do a provocative test in addition. Is this correct? My Endo may have been just anxious to get on to the diabetes thing, testing power and influence over me, if I'd go on injections. No way.

I'm trying the Atkins diet, which a diabetic friend said got her glucose down in the sixties. She's a cook in a restaurant and overweight. There are four phases, and I'll move on to the next as soon as blood sugar goes down, maybe far enough to go off some of the oral meds. I bought the newest edition of the book.

In case anyone doesn't know, it says major in proteins and certain fats, avoid carbs, even bread, in the Induction phase. Right? Did I get that right? I had noticed by accident that I felt better one day when I'd eaten more protein.

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