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When they took your blood for the cortisol, when did they take it? What time of day? High cortisol is a sign of cushings and can make you feel just as bad as addisons. The low BP makes me wonder though. As well as the lack of eating. Is it a lack of eating or is it a lack of hunger? Cortisol plays a key part in the metabolism and if low can cause the body to stop metabolizing food. Thus you are not hungary. Do you have a sudden and drastic loss in weight in you recent past. The tachnicardia is caused in addisonians by your body struggling to get enough Oxygen to the various organs. When your BP drops your blood volume decreases, this causes the heart to speed up. With Addisons you body cannot control you sodium levels in many cases and it without sodium cannot hold enough water to keep the blood volume up causing dehydration. Potassium and Renin work with Aldosterone to cause your body to hold to the sodium and tells the kidneys to release more water from your system. Do you have an insatiable craving for sodium? Not all do so that by itself is not a defining characteristic of the disease. Please test again, tests have been know to be wrong. Also make them test somthing called ACTH. If the cortisol comes back high again and there is also a elevated ACTH then you could be suffering a Pituitary tumor. If a tumor is releasing ACTH in addition to the Pituitary gland then that would explain the high cortisol readings. ACTH is the messenger to the Adrenals telling them to release more cortisol. Please do not accept "I don't know" or "don't worry about it" form the doctors. You know your body. Find another doctor if you haven't gotten acceptable answers from the last ones. Many here and elsewhere have nearly died because they believed a doctor because we all grow up believing that docs are the smartest people in our culture. Think of them as employees. I would be wary of a diagnosis of CFS. I know many people that I have met through Addisons functions that were told initally they had it. They had it in many cases for several years prior to diagnosis of Addisons. I many cases it turns out that that was the beginning of the Addisons. They were insufficient and were able to function somewhat then the bomb dropped so to speak. Addisons can kill you if left untreated and you may not have it but one test does not rule it out. Please take care Heather W.
yep l can do that!! be stressed to heck and be 3lbs lighter next morning! tanning more noticanle round toes and thumbs also got a patch on my back lm not diagnosed!!! l suffer alot of shakiness too joint aches etc also when for eg l seen a car accident l get tremendous pain in my lower back that seems to shoot up my back leaving meslightly breathless racing heart and shocked suffered panic attacks a few yr ago and the cause was never investigated anymore info please?thanx

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