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What caused your addisons? That is somtimes the most telling thing. Men have little to fear when worring about transmitting medications over to a fetus via sperm. Cortisone is not harmful to the child at all in fact it helps with the development of the baby and is often given to mothers who are not addisonians. I am pregnant right now for the second time. I have a beautiful baby girl (3) and my medication did affect her only because I must take it through the pregnancy constantly. It caused the doctors to take her early at 32 1/2 weeks because my particular cortisone is dexamethesone. It retards growth of the baby in the last trimester. But it also speeds up development of everthing internal of a baby. She was just fine but for the fact that she weighed 4.2 lbs. The reason I asked what caused your addisons is because I carry another genetic adrenal problem which caused me and my daughter to be born with adrenals which produce too much aldostrone which causes severe hypertension. Both my adrenals were removed to treat the hypertension when I was a very small child thus causing addisons. My daughter had her left adrenal removed last thursday and appears to be headed down the same road... We were not aware of the genetics when I became pregnant the first time. This time we know but geneticists can not give us any info about the frequency of the disease. So I understand the fear. Addisons is not a death sentance as you know. It does require some major changes in your day to day living. But it is all I can remember. You can live a normal life with it. It is a personal decision that must be made and cannot be made by anyone but you and your wife. Others have done it though. Heather W.

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