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Cathy K - I read an earlier post of yours (someone had asked about adrenal glandulars). I'm intersted in what you had to say about sleep problems. I'm not diagnosed yet, but I think that I might have adrenal problems. I have all the symptoms, except the skin (which I've read does not happen in secondary adrenal insufficiency). Most of my problems have been building up for about 10 years: I have upper abdominal pain and nausea, inablility to digest fructose (originally diagnosed as IBS), intermittent hypotension with occasional fainting (originally diagnosed as epilepsy, "oops" they say now), and bad joint pain especially in the neck and shoulders. HOwever one of my main problems is really bad chronic insomnia. I haven't seen much research indicating this is due to low cortisol. But you indicated that yours was helped by the adrenal glandulars. Do you think it is the low cortisol that caused your insomnia, or would it be something else - aren't there other hormones also lacking with this? And what about DHEA? Have you tried DHEA supplements?
Thanks for any input you might have.

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