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Hello im new here - and new to all this.

Im 22 and a graduate student. I have been feeling awful for the past 3 years - all the classic symptoms - extreme fatigue, insomina, weight gain, imbalanced blood sugar, trembling, digestive pain and inability to handle stress etc

I recently had the Adrenal Stress Index test and I wonder if anyone could help me to understand the results. My practitoner has given me nutritional supplements such as siberian ginseng, vit. B complex and licorice root but to be honest I feel so terrible that im not sure if these can help me improve. Im not sure if these results make sense but here goes - it says I have Resistance Stage 3:

Cortisol (nmol/L)
26.8 7-8am (High)
3.1 11-12pm (low)
9.0 4-5pm (normal)
0.9 11-12am (low)

DHEA (nmol/L)
1.3 (all low)

I understand that my DHEA is consistently low but I don't understand is my cortisol levels are both low and high. From reading this board I think low cortisol means indication of addisons disease - what does it mean when it is mixed low and high like mine?

Could someone tell me if there is any hope for me to recover from this - honestly I have never felt so low both emotionally and physically. Im supposed to be young and enjoying myself but I feel like I want to die. Is it possible to take the supplements im taking and recover or do I need to look into DHEA etc

I haven't posted on boards like these before so this is a plea for any advice whatsoever. I would be most grateful as I feel very alone right now.

Sorry for the long post,
best wishes,


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