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[QUOTE=Wonderingwhy]What does low Cortisol feel like? Does it make you lathargic? and mentally, does it make you feel stressed out?[/QUOTE]

Look up the symptoms of Addison's Disease.

Here are a few of them:

Chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, loss of appetite, inability to digest food with weight loss, low blood pressure that falls further when standing and makes you dizzy sometimes to the point of fainting, blotchy dark tanning and freckling of the skin most noticeable on parts of the body exposed to the sun (when in fact you aren't tanning at all). Inability to cope with stress, moodiness, irritability, and depression
intolerance to heat or cold, craving of salty foods.

When low cortisol gets serious you find blood sugar abnormalities including dangerously low blood sugar, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

You don't need to have all the symptoms, some people also get some opposite symtoms like weight gain, better blood sugar sugar control and better blood pressure control. This happens most often in the face of additional hormone problems like an undiagnosed thyroid condition.

The craving for salty foods is a real sign of low cortisol. Some people begin drinking pickle juice, eat tons of eating salted crackers or salted sunflower seeds. I used to eat a good sized back of sunflower seeds a day til my tongue was raw from the salt. Still I wanted more salt. I remember my doctor saying salt isn't good for you, stop eating all that salt. I couldn't, I just had to have it.
[QUOTE=Wonderingwhy]What does low Cortisol feel like? Does it make you lathargic? and mentally, does it make you feel stressed out?[/QUOTE]

This is what happens to me, PS I have had both adrenals removed so I am at the far end of things.

First thing that I notice is a horrible headache that comes on 3-4 days before the crash/crisis. No meds like ibuprofin or advil will touch it. Then I start getting weak muscles and dizzy when I stand. I personally can take this for 2 days before passing out but others feel it a lot more quickley. My appitite leaves quickly and I am not hungery at all. I can go days without eating. I will have a major craving for sodium. I will litterly drink pickle juice and the juice from green olives.

When I get to crisis stage I have that never-ending headache. I also begin to feel nauseated and unable to stand. When I stand it feels like I will fall on my face any second.. I start to get white blobs in my field of vision. Once you start puking then you need to get help fast. This is my own personal experience and you may not experience everything I do. I have had a few crisis' in my 28 years of the disease. I did not have my first for 16 years so don't get too confident if you have never had one. I hope that this had the information you need. Heather W.

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