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I have been feeling ill for months, all test come back fairly normal so far. Seeing Specialists next week. I am tired, muscles ache, shaking and trembling on inside. Diabetes and Thryoid all normal. By the way, my shakiness seems to go away on the evening hours, although if I wake up in the middle of the night I do feel it.

I posted this on another board, but am not sure if anyone knows. Having read the posts here, there seem to be some knowledgeable people.

I was told by my Dr. that my 24 hour urine test was normal. I just saw the hard copy and I noticed that Normetanephrine level was 51, lab normal was 110-1050. This means I am low.

Is this something I should look into further? some Dr's tell you its normal, and its not

any ideas would be helpful.


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