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Hello, I am 59 year old male and new to this forum and with most people searching others for answers. I was diagnosed with an anxeity disorder back in the mid 60's (thats not a typo). Since that time I have been on various medications to control it and make my life seem more normal. About 8 years ago my thyroid went way up (thyrotoxicosis). They thought it was Graves Disease but with some oral medication it calmed down again. I am now on Remeron and Buspar. The Remeron is keeping my weight up. I know for a fact that if I stopped that antidepressent the weight would drop. After all those years of having the body consantly under stress it is beginning to wear down. I have noticed within the last year that I have a extreme craving for salt. I can't get enough of it. I'm depressed even with the Remeron, tired, mood swings, panic attacks, etc. My family states that I am not the same person. One last item, forgetfullness.

Can you have a Addisons Disease in the sub acute stage? I live in New York State and searching for tests I noticed that labs cannot do test for adrenal function from NYS.

If I need to go back to my doctor which test should he order? I think this time I will tell him which tests I want in lieu of letting him decide. I cannot belive all this stress for so many years has not taken its toll on the body somewhere. Are there OTC drugs or is best to be treated with Rx drugs?


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