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[QUOTE=Chrisgj]As you have probably seen in my previous posts, I just started taking cortef. My doctor has never dealt with Primary or secondary, so I don't really trust him to know what to do. Please let me know how you take it and if it helping.
Chris in St. Louis[/QUOTE]
Sorry...when you said "primary or secondary", I'm not sure what you meant. I take it you have Addison's disease since you're posting on this forum. Do you know how you got Addison's? Was it through autoimmune adrenalitis? Solucortef, as you know, is basically cortisol something that your adrenals secrete in response to stress and some other physiological situations (when you need a higher level of sugar in your blood). Its dosing all depends on the can get from 20-240mg by mouth three to four times a day depending on how you respond to it. There is a fine balance with solucortef because your body DOES need it, but if you have too much of it, it's like having Cushing's disease. Your progress can be monitored in terms of your blood sugars and your blood pressure, and also things like urine sodium.

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