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Low cortisol test
Dec 21, 2003
Hello! ( sorry for the mistakes but English is not my language)
I have a (very)low thyroid and are being treated since a year ago. As i felt much worse when starting Armour my dr. prescribed me prednisolon (was low in 24h urine test not addison) This made things slightly better (at least not worse) and now i am very slowly going up my thyroid med. But I still have a lot of adrenal symtoms(sick, weak, very low bloodpressure, can't have any stress, panicky,...Feel much worse after eating or when I am tired, I have times (after stress or when I'am tired that i feel terribly sick and can't see properly and have diaree (i saw here that these are signs of add.)My dr. told me to go up my pred. so now I take 12,5 mg (morning 5, noon 5, evening 2,5) But I would like to know exactly if my adrenals are the problem and how much I should take. So I asked my dr to order the test where you have to spit about five times a day in a tube and from that they can see how your adrenals are doing. Now i would like to ask the following: :confused: 1*Should I stop one day taking pred. for the test to see how much my adrenals are doing themselves? Or should I take the dose Itake now and see on the results if I should take more. I would prefer stopping for one day. Is that allowed? :confused: 2* Is the amound pred. I am taking not very high? Similar to Addison patients? Doesn't that mean that I have Addison?
I have a very good dr. who listens to my symptoms and tries to help me but he doesn't know that much about adrenal insuff. That's why i am triying myself to get some more info.
Thank you very much for any help!!!!

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