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[QUOTE=ed33]My dr. told me to go up my pred. so now I take 12,5 mg (morning 5, noon 5, evening 2,5) But I would like to know exactly if my adrenals are the problem and how much I should take. So I asked my dr to order the test where you have to spit about five times a day in a tube and from that they can see how your adrenals are doing. [/QUOTE]

Are you taking prednisone or hydrocortisone? A replacement dose of prednisone is 5mg/day and you say you are taking 12.5mg/day. That is a large dose for addison's disease.

Since you are already taking a corticosteroid any test for your natural cortisol production will not be accurate. So the spit test is pretty much a waste. You have to taper your steroids down until you are completely off them for at least 2 weeks. The length of your taper depends on how much steroid you are taking and for how long.

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