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I've been on Prednisone now for about 18 months.

I currently take 5mg in the morning, and 2.5 mg in the afternoon - when I remember :eek:

I was originally on Hydrocortisone for about 1 year - with 20 mg in the morning, and 10 mg in the afternoon. I thought it was working fine for me - my energy levels where good, and I got a GREAT :) Tan from it, but for some reason my doctor didn't think it was good for me, so he switched me over to Dexamethasone.

I was on Dexamethasone for about 4 months when I started getting leg cramps around 4am in the morning - so extreme that I couldn't stretch my calf muscles enough to relieve the pain - but I found taking a "pinch" (probably about 0.5 mg of Hydrocortisone) would relieve the muscle cramps.

Unfortunately, taking that "pinch" on Hydrocortisone at 4am had side effect - it woke me up and I could NOT fall back to sleep. :yawn:

So my doctor switched me over to Presnisone - what I'm on now, and I haven't had and other real noticeable problems from it - problems that I had with the other steroids - sweaty back-of-the-neck, upset stomach, dry skin, etc... - oh yeah - and osteoporosis :eek: - all from the great little steroids...

Let me know if it works for you. I hope I was able to answer you question.

Good Luck,


[QUOTE=Chrisgj]Well, the cortef did not do a thing for me. Even at 30 mg, didn't notice a thing. The doctor is switching me to Prednisolone. Has anyone tried or is using that, that can tell me how they use it?

Chris in St. Louis[/QUOTE]

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