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It sounds like you might need to increase your salt intake. AD patients tend to leach salt through their pores when we sweat - perspire. Since you're drinking so much water yet still feel thirsty and dry-mouthed, it could be low sodium levels.

My endocrinologist told me that I would need extra salt in my diet because of AD.

I thought it funny what you mentioned about pickles, olives & chips, as I have developed a craving for pickle now as well, when I used to hate them before getting AD! :confused:

Hope this information helps!


[QUOTE=gertie]I have not been tested for diabetes insipidus...that thought crossed my mind too....from what I have been reading.

My doctor told me when I was in the hospital that from my blood work my pituitary numbers were off at first, but by the time I was released they went back to a normal range. An MRI was done on my stomach and my adrenals were very small.[/QUOTE]

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