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Thank you Heather. I am taking 0.1 of fludrocortisone right now, along with 0.5 of prednisone and 25 mg dhea.... I do feel alot better from when I was diagnosed in November. I was pretty far gone and ended up in the hospital in adrenal crisis...dehydrated with a blood pressure of 80/37. 16 bags of saline and 4 days later I was released. My eyes looked like my eyes again..they even had creases at that point. But for the past month I have slowly noticed that sunken look coming back. I see my doctor next Wednesday so maybe my meds need tweeking.

And your right.. it is so confusing with the salt. Maybe I am not eating enough salt.

Do you eat anything special to get a daily dose of salt. I tend to eat alot of pickles.

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