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I try to exercise regularly and that is not too hard as I have a very active 4 year old. I have not been doing that latley as I am 6 months pregnant right now though. So after the baby comes I will have to start all over and build myself back up. I start by walking a great deal. We live on a 350 acre farm so that is not hard. Then when I can I run a little (I hate running unless something very big is chasing me :p ). I have found that I am competitive and competition is good for me so during the summers I still play softball in two adult leagues. I also started taking DHEA which can be found on the vitamin isles of your stores at the reccomendation of my doctor. It has been a wonderful find. My skin is not so dry and I have actually grown hair on my legs and under my arms like normal people. I also have endurance like never before and I believe that it actuall improves the efectiveness of the dex that I take. Unfortunatly if you live outside the USA then you may have a problem getting it though. I had to start all over several times as major illness has taken me back to square one a couple of times. When I was 19 my cortef ceased being an effective medication for me as I began to burn through it quite fast. I got down to about 112 lbs which is not good as I am 5'7" tall and should weigh in around 135 lbs. I too was a walking skeleton. I was very sick all of a sudden and during that time my endo since I was a child died so I was between docs and the GP could not make anything of it. Fortunatly I got into a really good adult doc who switched me over to dexamethesone a longer acting steroid and the problems cleared right up. So it takes time to come back and you may be knowcked down a couple of times but just keep getting up. Good luck, Heather W

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