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Hi Del,
Are you sure your taking .5 of floricortisone, if you are your taking 5 x as much as I am (.1mg) and more than anyone that I know with addisons. That is a tremendous amount of meds. I think your also on a very high amount of prednisone too though. Dont quote me on that though as I have never taken pred. I take dexamethesone. I too have had this for almost 28 years I am thirty now. I truley think that you are over replaced on all your addiosns meds. I am sorry I have no Idea about the other stuff. My suggestion would be to find another doc quick. It will take you time to come down off all that medicine but your definatly displaying signs of cushings and something way more dangerous if that is your true floricortisone dose. Too much in the medication department can manke you feel just as bad as too little. PS You would probobly be very happy with DHEA. I cannot believe how it increased my endurance. HeatherW

[QUOTE=delshaya]Greetings everyone.

I'm Del. I've been an addison's disease/schmidt's syndrome patient for over 20 years. I also have been diagnosed with clinical depression, have had a deep vein thrombosis, one child and during that time have had a slowly declining health state.

In the last five years I have gained 100 pounds which I am unable to lose. I've lost my hair, twice. I have vitiligo.

My need for advice concerns mainly the last five years as my health has declined drastically. I'm tired all the time, yet have frequent insomnia. I have pins and needles in my hands and feet, a burning sensation in them which often progresses to a twitch or muscle spasm in my toes and knees.

I've had repeated tests for the usual cortisols and ach, plus t1 and t3, to determine according to the doctors that I am absolutely fine.

I take 15 mg of prednisone and .5 of fludrocortisone plus 225 micrograms of levothyroxine, plus lexopro for my depression.

I've tried adding B complex supplements to my diet, milk thistle for my liver, chondroitin for my joints and beta carotene for general malaise. I recently started juicing to up my natural vitamin intake.

Nothing works. I cannot hold a job. I can't concentrate. I've been given flexeril for the muscle spasms which do no good whatever. My knees and hips ache making any kind of gentle exercise such as simple walking or gliding impossible and still the doctor's claim that I am fine and that I am not disabled.

Say again?

Anyone have any good advice for me? I was reading the threads on dhea, do you think this might help me? I was tested for estrogen because I feared I might be starting menopause early and was told my estrogen levels were fine but I have /no/ testosterone whatever. (Most women have a small amount)


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