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Have they run a ACTH serum test. If that is off then you may be experiencing a cortisol that is not in range because the pituitary gland is screwed up. It is highly likley that yor will have other endo glands messed up because you have already been diagnosed with Hashi's. Just because it seems to be the adrenal gland it may in fact be the adrenal function that is a problem. The pituitary is guilty often more so than the adrenal gland itself. Hope that you find the answers that your looking for. HeatherW
Thanks Heather
Thats another reason then why I need to test the Pituitary gland. I go to the doc this week and I'm going in prepared this time. I want these tests run!!
I have explained up and down to the docs that I don't care what the insurance says. Lets do it. Its my body and I know its telling me something is wrong.

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