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Dear Chris, :)

Thanks so much for your response; I do appreciate your time and your help.

Yes, I am seeing and endo; I'm sorry to hear that they are so useless. I had hoped that they would have a better track record than the GPs. I'll definitely follow your recommendations about the meds and the books.

Thankfully, my endo has agreed to giving me an ACTH stim test (as well as the ACTCH blood and additional cortisol (blood) test). I had to explain what I wanted to him (he thought it was just the regular blood test that I wanted, and I had to clarify that I wanted the test with the injection of synthetic ACTH. All seems clear now, and he is confirming the dosage (which I read to be 0.25 mg (250 mcg)).

I'm still waiting to hear back about the CAT scan; I'm a little nervous, as my sister passed away at 38 from adrenal cancer, and I will be 37 in July. The doctors never really figured out what was happening with her, so, I am hopeful that Addison's (or Schmidt's) will be the answer -- and that the reason for my adrenal failure will be either autoimmune or benign tumors.

Thanks again for your helpful input, and I'll be sure to keep you posted on how things are progressing.

Christina :)

[QUOTE=Christina155]Dear Chris, :wave:

I am thankful to finally find someone who seems knowledgable about Addison's and Schmidt's Syndromes. I have felt like I've been fighting solo with Drs for so long! Thank you for being a resource that I can come to.

I have fought with Drs for the last 2+ years to try to get them to listen to me about the back pain I've been having. Unfortunately, I have not been successful, for the most part -- other than having gall bladder surger in Aug 2003. This relieved some of the pain, but the pain under my shoulderblades has remained, and has been gradually increasing, while the fatigue, aching and numbness (and coordination) in my arms continues to increase; I've lost almost 60 lbs since June (size 13/14 to now a size 3 and still losing).

I am alarmed to find that even my "good" Dr (who comes highly recommended), and is supposed to be responsive, is taking his time in addressing my concerns. He has tinkered with my Thyroid level, has commented on ovarian cysts, but has yet to truly get to the root of my issues; I am fairly frustrated.

He did order a 24 hour urine (free, cortisol) -- results were 8.3 (2.3 low, 19.0 high), and CAT scan (which I'm still waiting for results), and I requested a ACTH stim test this a.m., and have yet to get his response. I'm back on the Darvocet, and am also taking Wellbutrin. You had mentioned dhea to others; do you recommend this for me? I seem to match all of the characteristics of Addison's (except for the pigmentation -- but have read that excessive paleness is also possible -- which I have.)

Anyway, any input you might provide is appreciated, as I had been taking "Adrenoplex" (dessicated sheep cortexes) with success up until a week ago, when the pain returned and the Adrenoplex is no longer relieving the pain; though, it may still be providing me with some much-needed energy.

Thanks for listening, and I'll look forward to your response.


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