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Morning Cortisol
Mar 9, 2004
Hi everyone,

I've already been diagnosed with thyroid disease and prenicious anemia. I'm a 26 year old female. After doing research because i'm still not feeling up to par i found that Addison's can cause my other diseases or vice verse. I requested a Cortisol test.

At 9am my Cortisol was 10.29, our reference range is 2.97 - 34.72. Should i not be at the highest part of the normal range in the am? Also what is the difference if you are fasting or not?

Thanks Nicole

I forgot to mention that i can't get my thyroid or B12 to stabilize.
You can't diagnose anything on the basis of a blood cortisol test. Unfortunately cortisol varies hourly and can have wide swings throughout the day. Thus a low value means as little as a high value.

The only reliable tests are provocative ones that force your body to produced cortisol and thus prove you don't make enough. For example, my cortisol levels were always in the "normal" range. But a provocative test showed that I had no adrenal reserve (ie: my output couldn't get above the low normal levels). That left me fine for some days, but on other more stressful days I was draggin my butt trying to make it through.

One sign of low cortisol is difficulty stabilizing your thyroid. But that also goes for other conditions as well. Other signs are low blood pressure or pressure dropping when standing (dizzy for a bit when you get up from sitting), the unusual tan (though not nearly always present), fatigue, brain fog (unable to concentrate and thing straight), and morning back pain that goes away during the day.

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