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There are several endocrinology issues that could cause something like that.

I can tell you that pheochromocytoma causes surges of catecholimines including adrenaline. I have pheochromocytoma and panic attacks or surges are part of the symptoms.

You need to get your son in to see your family doctor. Have his Blood Pressure Checked while he is feeling okay and have his Blood Pressure Checked while he is having an episode. His adrenal glands should probably get checked (CT scan).

Here are some other common symptoms of Pheochromocytoma:

High Blood Pressure (can be either all of the time or only during episodes)
Heart Palpitations
Panic Attacks (the feeling of an adrendaline rush)
The Shakes

After I have an episode I am always VERY tired.

Good Luck and be sure you get your son in to see the Doctor.


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