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Just a thought, I have never heard of any other patients having epilepsy also. I am not by any means saying that you do not but perhaps this may help some. About two weeks after my daughter had her second adrenal removed she had a very nasty experience with seizures. We have a rare adrenal disease that causes hyperactivity of the aldosterone producing section of the adrenal which is not easily managed with meds (severe hypertention) so we have to have them surgically removed. I realize that you are aparently affected with auto-immune disease but perhaps I can offer some insight on the seizures. She had the seizures and I had to race her out to the main road (we live on a farm) to the ambulance , during that time she stopped breathing. Luckily she was recessitated and we learned that the hc that she had been give as supplement for the cortisol was being burned up too fast. I allowed her cortisol to drop to nothing overnight and in turn her blood sugar also dropped down to 27. She went into diabetic shock and we almost lost her. It is all connected somehow. She now takes prednisone instead of the HC and we have not had any other incidents. Perhaps there is somthing that has been overlooked, maybe it is epilepsy, but I would double check. HeatherW

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