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It sounds a bit like Cushing's but let me ask you a few more questions (btw, many of us who've had Cushing's had HUGE problems with depression and/or diagnosed with bipolar):
Have you gained weight or has your weight switched to your mid-section (pregnant belly look?)
Do you bruise easily?
Facial hair?
Flushing of the face?
Is your face very round?

Your result is quite high but I'm assuming it was a blood test. You need to find a good endocrinologist (preferably an endo who focuses on pituitary/adrenal issues) and have them run a complete metabolic profile and a 24 hour urinary free cortisol which is the gold standard for Cushing's testing. I don't know what Chris is saying about endos having a poor track record --- a good endo will have a superb track record and will see hundreds of Cushing's patients per year. Where do you live - if you can supply me with that info I might be able to suggest a good endo. Anyway, Wanda forwarded me your message and I hope you are able to reply. Oh - and three big cheers for the
boyfriend. You should have replied that he was doing a better job impersonating a doctor than most doctors already do!


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