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Dear Ones,

Since the tail end of perimenopause 2 years ago, I have been dealing with fatigue and brain fog. Thyroid was fully tested, including free T3 and free T4 and antibodies, things were either normal or negative. I saw an endo who ruled out other problems, diabetes, etc. All else is fine, just in menopause.

My Gyn has started me on bioidentical estrodiol and I am still tired and can barely get up in the AM or think straight. My anxiety level is way up and any stress is just too much for me. I recently had an 8 AM blood cortisol level drawn and it was 17.4 ( 3.1-22.4). I also had saliva cortisol and it was at 8 AM = 1.86 ( 1.3-10.73) and at 4 PM = .37 ( .3-5.0). These were interpreted as normal. Recently I spoke to a compounding pharamcist who suggested that I take my temp during the day and she suspects that I am dealing with weak adrenals, due to years of emotional stress and now the stress of ovaries not functioning. In the past, I've needed cortisone to combat major hives and severe reactions to posions ivy. Strangely enough, I have high blood pressure, not low....although when I checked it it is higher when I am lying done then when I am standing up. I do not seem to especially crave salt.

The pharmacist suggested trying an application of cortisone cream.... 1/4 t in AM and then later in day to see if that improved my energy level. We are trying to get a doc to interpret the blood work and help me to feel human again. Not to many seem to know how to deal with weak adrenals.

Can anyone suggest any great sites to learn more about how to support weak adrenals?

Do these labs mean anything to you?

Thanks, to you all.

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