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Thanks, Chris for your response. I will reread the info you posted about cortisol and I will look for the author you mentioned. I am sorry that you are dealing with so much too.

Regarding my thryoid, I have reviewed those results on top notch boards and even pushed for a trial of armour and it was not my answer, even low dose created palps and insomnia. Now the explanation is that if adrenals are weak, they cannot handle additional thyroid. It seems the area that was not fully evaluated were the adrenals ~ in my case. Dear Chris, where did you learn that the early AM cortisol should be in the high 20's. I'm not challenging you...I'd like to find it, print it out and take it to my doc.

I'll ask about the pregnenolone.

ACTH Stim tests....are there any risks with this? I would imagine a person could feel pretty fatigued in the adrenals were not up to the challenge. Is that right?

Thanks for your input and I'd welcome any info from any other people who can relate to any of this. I think they (docs and such) are finally getting closer to identifying why my body is struggling.

Take care,

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