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Dear Chris and other interested parties,

Just got the results of Travis' Cortisol level (taken at 7:55 a.m. on Friday). It would seem to be O.K. Was a bit surprised that it was not lower.

His was: 18.3 Lab range is: 4.3 - 22.4 (wide range)

He just seemed to have so many of the symptoms for adrenal fatigue or insufficiency, I can't believe it. But his levels would seem strong, right? No ACTH test was done. These doctors say that if the cortisol level is not suspicious, they don't proceed to an ACTH test. Probably O.K. to assume he doesn't have Addison's, even without the ACTH or saliva tests, since his cortisol was so far up on the scale?

Thanks for your interpretation and input! Take care, all! :wave: Tracy
Thanks, Chris!
Actually, I have to go to our primary care physician first, and then he has to refer us to others. But...I am looking to change primary care doctors. This time I'll explain what's been going on with us and ask each doctor we're considering some good questions before changing over to them. We have such limited funds right now that we need to be sure we spend them on the right doctors or there will be no more funds available, and no answers. But I think I will check into some of the tests you can order done (ask the labs how much they charge to do these tests without a doctor ordering them) and see if I can get an ACTH and a thyroid panel, free T3, free T4, TSH and thyroid antibodies tests done. Perhaps the saliva tests for Cortisol, as well. If the costs are not prohibitive, I might get these things more quickly this way than waiting for our search for a good doctor to be complete, and then waiting until he chooses to perform each test (one at a time, as they seem to want to do). You have all been a wealth of information, and it is very much appreciated. The other day I felt as though I were drifting on a life preserver way out in the middle of the ocean, not knowing where to turn. Sometimes you know you have to do something, but you also know it is crucial not to do the wrong thing. My doctor, insurance company worker and one friend were asking if I wouldn't just as soon let Trav have a psychological counseling appointment to rule out depression. I thought, "No, because I don't have faith I'd get an honest or proficient psychologist. And almost every symptoms a person can have CAN be found a list of symptoms caused by depression. I figure once one psychologist pounces on some innocent answer my son gives them and says he's depressed, he's branded, and may be thought to have been correctly diagnosed. Then no other cause will be looked for. I just don't view the mind sciences as sciences. There are few labs to prove mental diagnoses, and no evidence to suggest an exam of this nature is the least bit called for.". Anyway, it's a frustrating and long path we've been walking, and there isn't much support out there. So thank you all again. I trust my instincts will pay off some day. ~ Tracy

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