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Chris, you are always out there to help! Thanks so much for the quick reply. I'm surprised that my endo (for Jesse's diabetes) said HIS protocol would be to do a morning cortisol, then IF LOW, he'd do an ACTH. AND this fam. practitioner evidentally feels the same -- that the morning cortisol within a norm or higher norm indicates there is no need for a stim test. Sounds as if that criterian for testing is incorrect from what you say. Boy, your levels years ago were sure low, weren't they! Those should never had been ignored. Now that's just negligence, isn't it? But with my son's values being so far into the high end of normal rather than down (as they'd expect with the Addisons), I can understand a bit more why they're not springing to more tests. I will try to question some other doctors, though. Am preparing to find another doctor and make a complete switch, but can only change once more per our insurance. Hopefully I can secure someone who will refer us more willingly, too, if he cannot find an answer for us. Is YOUR type of Addisons more likely to need the ACTH to show it up (the secondary?)? Thanks again. Will write again when more info! :) ~ Tracy

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