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A few weeks ago, I had a couple of blood tests and an ACTH stimulation test done, and while I don't have all the numbers yet, I've been told by the doctor that none of the blood test results were out of range. However, a couple of saliva tests done only a week earlier did not come back normal, so now I'm a bit unsure as to what these results might indicate.

My main symptoms:
- chronic underweight (BMI 15.5)
- low stamina
- low blood pressure (at least as a tendency; not always present)
- hypoglycemia
- low stress resistance (meaning I feel stressed and overwhelmed fairly quickly)
- food allergies and intolerances
- irritability
- mood swings

Test results were as follows:
- ACTH stimulation test: cortisol 15.8 baseline, 23.8 at one hour (test done at 12 o'clock noon)
- blood tests for all pituitary/hypothalamic hormones, thyroid, etc.: within range
- saliva cortisol profile: morning 11.6 (range 3-8), noon 1.6 (range 2-4), evening 3.3 (range 1-2), night 0.7 (range 0.5-1.5)

I'm considering the possibility that noon and evening samples might have gotten switched, but the morning sample would then still be out of range. Also, from what I've read so far, shouldn't the baseline at the stimulation test have doubled?

Any ideas on how to interpret these results?

Thanks a lot in advance! :)

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