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Dear Meagan,

Chris has probably given a lot more valuable suggestions than mine will be. But I feel I just have to put my two cents in this time. I've encounterd quite a few people this year who have had strange effects from infection or viral problems. On two occasions, a hard to tackle infection went from sinuses or teeth to the brain. One boy we heard about got an infection in his teeth, which then went on to attack a portion of his brain. Another child went to the Mayo Clinic with a diagnosis of MS which his parents didn't swallow, only to be diagnosed there with a viral infection that had spread to his brain. Nothing much could be done for him but to wait, but he is fine now. MY son started out with a virus he got a month after this little boy got his. My son's symptoms sound a bit like Addisons, CFS, Lyme or MS, too. He seems to be getting a bit better, but is still highly fatigued. Had a few mild problems with what seemed to be "panic attack symptoms" as well. He also had postural hypotension (heartbeat would go from 80 to 135 upon standing, and blood pressure would go down) and rapid, pounding heart beats he was extra aware of. Had some diarhea for a short time, Staph Aureus sores from time to time. Main symptoms for him has been exhaustion, fatigue or muscle weakness. He is yet undiagnosed. :confused: But just wanted to pass on some other mysterious things that have happened this season. Along with the antibiotic resistant staph infections (haven't had any sores, have you?) and the flu deaths of otherwise healthy children this past Winter (in CO), seems probable that some particularly strong virus is touching people and making them appear to have many other conditions. Just thought I'd run this by you. Doesn't sound as if you have a doctor who wants to try to get to the bottom of things for you. What a shame, and a dead-end. I KNOW how THIS feels, with my son. He's been ill since November. It sounds as if you need some more tests, as Chris has mentioned. And perhaps some kind of a scan to check for infection spread to your brain???? Just wanted to mention it. Not a pleasant thought, but you would no doubt need some strong antibiotics to take care of this, if it were effecting you. Hoping you will soon feel better! ~ Tracy

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