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Greetings to all of you,

It seems that since I am a rather strange case of low adrenal functions combined with heriditary hypertension, that I have had some trouble getting the right Cortef dose. At first myt MD started me on slow release hydrocortisone10 mg to take along with 2.5 mg of Cortef. He had me taking both in the AM and after several days, my BP went up too high. Now we are trying the regular Cortef and he is having me gently increase the dose. I am starting with 2.5 in AM and 2.5 at lunch. I have had a few palpitations in the late afternoon and I wonder if this is just a transtional adjustment. Fortuantely, I am noticcing a bit more energy and less anxiety, so it is encouraging to know that I am on the right last. Has anyone else noticed some palpitations as they began Cortef? ( It seems that I am sensitive to anything new that is added to my regime. I guess that is typical of those of us who have less tahn the desired abount of cortisol.)
Hope you all have a good week.

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