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Re: More questions
Jun 10, 2004
I think you should look into using natural progesterone cream. I have used both natural progesterone cream and pregenolone for several years. I think progesterone helped to increase my cortisol levels more so than pregnenolone. I used to have trouble getting out of bed before 10 or 11 am on the weekends. Now I get out of bed much earlier on the weekends. I am not absolutely sure what caused that but my hunch is the progesterone cream. I include a link that shows a chart of adrenal hormones. You can see that progesterone is closer to cortisol and so more easily converted into cortisol than pregnenolone. I've read that progesterone can be converted into cortisol. Of course, you can only take it from day 14 to day 27 of your cycle but I think it might help with your energy and needing a nap in the afternoon. At least until you get your next doctor's appt.

I use both, but have read that it is not a good idea. I can understand that using both together could cause one of those to be converted into a hormone I don't want. But since my cortisol levels are low I haven't had any problems with that happening. I am also aware of what symptoms would indicate a hormonal problem. It's important to know what the signs are of your hormones going awry.

It would be wise to do some research on progesterone and estrogen so you can understand the role each hormone plays, in the event you have any changes occur. Most women these days seem to have an estrogen dominance, so progesterone is not likely to cause any problems with your cycle. It migh actually help with any pms symptoms you may have.

Also, if you do use pregnenolone I would also recommend that your use a sublingal form, if you can get it. This form doesn't have to be processed through your liver.

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