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Re: More questions
Jun 22, 2004
Hi. Just wanted to answer your questions Chris. I have been having symptoms for 10 yrs now. I have been hospitalized several times over the years because of the non-stop vomitting and diareah. I get too dehydrated and my blood sugar and blood pressure plummet. As it is my blood pressure never gets above 110/70 on a really good day and it drops when I stand up 20 or more on top and 10 or more on the bottom. On the days when it is only in the 50s on the bottom and I stand up I usually suffer dizzy/ fainting spells. Okay, I have read that people with Addison's can get mouth lesions. I also suspect this is cortisol related because for the first time in 10 years it went away when I started taking prednisone. So did the mouth sores and skin rashes. If it was hypothyroid you would think that taking the prednisone would not have made them go away? Okay, Here is the other thing. Last night I woke up nausea, diareah at 3am. I am supposed to take my prednisone when I wake up. Fearing I would loose it I only took 2mg of the 5 and waited. It stayed down and in 2 hrs I took a 5 mg tablet. I felt much better in 2 hrs. Nausea lifted, blood sugar rose. My blood pressure was not too low for me at the time. Anyway I was fine until noon with the exception of still having diareah. Now if this had been a usual start to a bad night I would still be in the bathroom non-stop as we speak. I am not saying this is not hypothyroidism but nothing in the past has made these symptoms go away before so why would the prednisone if this was not cortisol related. I usually have to ride it out and just hope it stops if not it is a trip to the ER for IV fluids and IM antinauseant. I have been doing this now for 10 yrs. It used to be episodic but has gotten worse over time. Oh well, I suppose and Endocrinologist may sort me out on this. Tanya

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