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My pituitary MRI was pretty normal. No tumors. I've changed endocrinologists, since the other one refused to test me for adrenal insufficiency even after I asked *twice*. He only did it after my primary care doc drew a random serum cortisol of 1 and faxed the report to him.

Anyway, my FSH, LH, and prolactin levels are normal as well. We're still waiting for the IGF-1, but the new endo expects it to come back fine, too.

So what, according to the new endo, is the most likely cause of my secondary adrenal insufficiency? My asthma inahler!!!!!!! Color me furious!

When I was put on the Flovent inhaler years ago, I was assured it wasn't absorbed systemically as long as I rinsed my mouth, which I did. Then the FDA started issuing warnings about adrenal suppression after that.

What I want to know is why none of my doctors--including my FORMER endocrinologist!--who all had a complete list of my meds, and who all knew I was suffering from unexplained weight loss and fatigue, never thought of this....


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