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Ok, Thank you so much for your help. I wanted to find others who suffer from the same or along the same lines of illness. To answer your question, I get to feel better very late at night usually after midnight or sometimes around 10pm or so. I have also experimented with drugs on my own. I have read alot online about this stuff. I have tired PREDNISONE, is that what you took? I dont have insurance right now so I have been self medicating a bit. I never however took the PREDNISONE very long at all. I would boost the dose when I felt pain in the back (suggestive of adreanal crisis) and the pain would go away in a few hours. I would stay on the normal dose of 5mg. daily. But never stayed on it, I would convert back to Corteff after a slight tapering off. I have tried taking higher doses, but never very long. I tired going with the 4 5MG doses of corteff, and then a morning dose of 5mg prrdnisone. But again, never really waited very long before I lost faith. I think it takes up to 2 weeks for a response to meds like these. I also been taking 2 125mg does of organic cow adreanl cortex for only about 4 days now. I got bad headaches from it, (DHEA headache I am sure!) but only on a single 250mg dose. So I divided it. Do you know how much cortsione might be in 250 mg of organic cow adreanl cortex? I am also taking the normal dose of corteff 20mg a day, divided dose. I also have chronic post nasal drip year round. That is why I have taken sudufed in the past and always found I felt normal/productive on that, and almost totally useless without it. I dont know if I am dreaming or what but...I have a strong notion that the other part of the adreanal gland is my really big prob, the ony that supposet to make epinifen. Since sudafed is very close chemically to that. Or even lupus. I also find my joints seen to ache all the time, my sisters all complain about that as well, but they are just suffering without any help. WEll, thats what is going on with me. So...tell me about your disease and what is going on with you please, I wanna you to share that with me if you will. JAMES :D

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