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Thank you chris. Its nice to see such a fast reply, or any at all for that matter. Yes, yes and yes. Well, I had been taking Armour thyroid b4 finding the adreanal test results. Something interesting, I found that taking T-3 alone 12-25 mg , then drinking coffee, my lymph nodes would not swell or certainally not as much as without the T-3. But after a few days I developed a pain in my right side, not sure what, but could be liver. So I stopped them. The armour thyroid made the pain even worse, so did T-4. Anyway, the doc and I got all the tests for thyroid, even the best test you can get, FREE -4 and FREE t-3. of course the older tests too, TSH and T-4 and the garbage test reverse t-3. All where pretty much right in there. Actually they were great. However, I as you know, show signs of Hypo, and yes, my temp is quite low. As low as 95.5 at times. And the temp would jump to 98.6 with the T-3. But, the pain in my side hurt bad. So I refused to take it. So then we got the adreanal test done. First of all we did a Siliva test. I am not sure of the exact numbers but here goes what I can remember.
8am test um, 8 (normal range 15-25)
11am test 7 (9-19)
5pm test 5 (7-13)
Midnight 1 (1-4)
DHEA 1 (13-25)

Doc told me to take all these herbs and crap and come back in 2 weeks. I did and didnt feel any better. I got a Endo and he gave me the ACTH test.

Here is what I remember about the ACTH TEST

I felt very tired as usual that morning. Barely got there.

the baseline Cort test was normal I think
Something like 22 Normal range was like (21-29)
the baseline ACTH was normal high like um 34 range of like (8-39) (suggests addisons)
During the injection I started to faint. The room suddenly got darker and I told the lady I was blacking out. She was startaled and never had that happen, so she slowed down the injection and it took about 10 mins to finish that one shot. I think the fact that I almost blacked out means my adreanal glands didnt responed. Sure enough they didnt.
the response was not normal ( I was wrong what I told you before)

It went up 5 points on the scale. The endo tried to tell me that the test was normal but I didnt buy it , and my first doc said I have adreanl fatigge. I studied the test results in med books and my test ideally I should have doubled or like you say, even more. But I found that anything less then 7 points response no matter where the baseline is, that is suggestive of adreanl insuffincey. My first doc agreed with me fully and put me on 10mg cortef, I did feel better after about 10 days, and we went up to 20 mg dose. 4 5mg a day. I feel better and not so. Still very tired during the daytime. I mean very. I have been ending up either taking sudahed (bad) or Ehederea( bad) or drinking coffee. ( bad) or sleeping the daylight hours away. Funny thing at around 12am, I seem to perk up and feel normal. I found too that if I sleep past around 8am, I get super super tired and sleep too noon or later. My doc warned me about all this. I did read the book Safe uses of cortisol. I also tried taking Ginseing, all types, I took 75 pills and didnt feel anything. Well, I better stop typing your going to kill me. JAMES

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