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Before I explain my frustration I will explain my medical history and why I think there is a possibility for me to have adrenal disease or addisons. About 7 years ago I started gettting these symptoms:
Constant Headache
Weight Gain(fat)
lose of muscle mass
Poor memory
Poor concentration
Dementia/more of a brain fog than full blowen dementia
Low sex drive
Dry Skin
Low motivation
Allergies and extremely dry sinus
Nose bleeds
Breathing Problems/Pain in throat and lungs especially with exercise
Tired after good sleep
Swollen glands
Symptoms worsen with heat
consistently low blood pressure

Is there any of these symptoms that dont look like addisons disease? If so please say.

Is there any chance I could have adrenal disease for 7 years and still be able to do some of my daily activities?

What are the odds of me actually having this disease? I head its 1 for every 100,000.

Am I just waisting my time continuosly searching for whats wrong with me? Should I just accept the fact that I'm not sick and just take anti-deppressants for the rest of my life as the doctors would like me too?

Someone please lead me in the right direction. I have been tested for many things and losing support from my family doctor.

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