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Hi I am an Australian living in France.
I been asking my doctors/endocrinologists to agree to do a cortisol/Dhea test and was refused - they say its some labs trying to make money you do not need it. I am both diabetic and a heart patient. Since the beginning of this year I get stressed easily and suffer spasms in my throat! When I went to Australia on vacation I asked m endocrinologist and he said the same thing as French doctors! So I found a mail order self stress test and sent my saliva in. I was expecting my DHE to be low and needing DHEA supplements. The results surprised me:

Cortisol profile AM 11.3 (5.0 to 60 range) mmol/L
DHEAS profile AM 49.7 *H (5.0 to 30 range) mmol/L

the comment on the report surprised me even more : suggest supplementation with DHEA and standard adrenal support!

Why take DHEA if my DHEA is high? Why am I stressed with cortisol? Isnt it DHEA insufficiency causes stress? Have I got addisons? Please help me interpret and diagnose.
Dear Chris
Thank you so much for your comments. I was in fact hoping you do because I saw your expert comments to others. No I do not take DHEA supplements but I did buy some before the stress test and was waiting for confirmation my DHEA was low in order to consume DHEAS. But my results showed I had excess DHEAS!
I never believed I was stressed or could be stressed until few months ago. I had stents put in my arteries and after that I found I get stressed very easily.

I will consult an osteopath to be honest I do not know what they are! You are right about endos lucky to get diabetes/thyroid sorted with them:)))
Chris keep up your your good work - I wish my doctor knew half of what you know!

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