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Below are the test results that I have received so far. I have Hashi's disease and recently was told I have Adrenal Fatigue. I am interested to see what other think about the testing the doctor has done. I only included what was related to the Adrenals and not the thyroid testing. The thyroid seems to be under control. Right now I'm taking 10mg of Cortef in the am and 10 around 1-2pm daily. Let me know what you think...

I have pulled quite a few to compare off of...let me know what you guys think of these :) BTW...I'm in the US.

Corisol Total 25.4
Pregnenolonge 47

Corisol Total 26.5
DHEA 154
Pregnenolonge 22
Aldosterone 11

1/16/04 - Started Hydrocortizone

Corisol Total 3.4
Pregnenolonge 47
Progesterone 7.6
Serotonin, serum 122

Corisol Total 25.4
DHEA 165
Pregnenolonge 55

Corisol Total 25.4 In range
DHEA 201 In Range

I don't understand quite yet how to read these. All said they were within
range however, you can see how the numbers vary. I welcome any input!


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