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Hi everyone,
This is a long story,so sorry. But thanks to Chris, I think I finally know what is wrong with me.
Ok here goes. When I was about 17 teen, I was tiring on my prom dress ( standing ) when
I had I almost passed out. My mom said it was prob because I just came from softball practice
and didn't have anything to eat. Then I was 19 teen and pregnant, It happened at work when I was
stand again. After that I was sick for a week and couldn't hold anything down. They tested for my
sugar. It was fine.
Then at 24 and pregnant again. It happen at work again standing. Then sick and couldn't hold
anything down for about 2 weeks. Thats when it went to crap. It happen again, at a store.
So they tested my sugar again. It was fine again. So I though maybe some kind of anxiety
attack. I had one wart. No big thing right, now I have about 40 and can't get rid of them.
I always had beautiful teeth. In a matter of 3 years they are breaking will not hold fillings
and are rotting.
I have very dry skin.
dry mouth / constant needing a drink.
my hair go though periods of falling out.
my hair grow so slow.
I can't remember anything, spelling of words,kids b-days,depositing money in checking acct.
I feel like I'm in someone else's body.
I'm always tired, get very bad about 12-3:00. with moodiness
I'm getting weak, I'm scared to pick up my 2 1/2 year old, for fear of dropping her.
my muscle and joints hurt and ache. when I sit for about 10 mins. I get so stiff when I stand.
I loosed 12-15 lbs in about 1-2 months with out dieting. What I see I eat, but not alot at a time.
I eat salt on everything. ( cherry tomatoes with salt) lol
I drink about a 2 liter of soda a day. (for the sugar if I don't I feel sick)
I smoke
I'm always cold even in the summer( today it is 78 out and I'm in sweets)
But the heat makes sick.
I can't stand bright lights
Sex well I'm never in the mood. And if I am I'm so dry and can't get wet.
I have bad gas. painful
I go to the bathroom every 3-4 days and when I do go, I wipe 100 times and there is still
something there.
My periods are very painful, with lost of bloating.
I weight 135 lbs and look like I'm 5-6 months pregnant. I have skin arms and legs with a big
Sometimes I can't cry. no tears.
But I did have my thyroid tested and it was fine.
The only thing that came up was white blood count was 12,000
I also have these brown spots on my back, by my neck.
I fell like i'm slowly dieing.

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