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Mold cause??
Sep 4, 2004
Hi Guys, Today a skin dr. confirmed what i've been worried about for a few months, that i probably have addisons. i wont go into all my symptoms, anyway they're pretty classic....but i do wonder about the cause. There are so many things i've been exposed to. My dad always used strong pesticides (i'm 55 now) and i took anti-hystamines for years. Then i got breast implants, lymes disease, and up all night for a year with asthma. But one of the worst was that i'd been living in the woods, in a apt. which got some extreme black mold. TRy as i may, i couldnt get rid of it. With a rainy season, it grew to weird proportions.....i mean, you could almost FEEL it in the air! i finally talked my dad into letting me stay with him (and move my nephew out!) btw, i wasn't feeling well and had no job or insurance. Anyway, by the time i left the mold, i'd developed a severe blinking tick, and whenever (this sounds over the top) i came close to the mold, got a sort of clicking (sound and feeling!) in the back of my head. instead of being able to heal, i ended up on the couch (til the nephew left) and got no sleep, and then, a year of asthma. Now, here comes Addison's, which i am determined to help naturally (yeah, right, huh??) Oh, i'd also used some inhaled steroids, which i read could cause some low adrenal, though i dont use it now. Whew, i'm sorry!! But i just wonder, could mold cause this? Or all of the above?? i'm soooo bummed.......just starting my life over, just meeting nice men.......thanks for listening...any ideas are welcome. Judi*

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