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I have low cortisol levels and am borderline hypothyroid. Along with this I experience internal shaking. I have this shaky feeling that can cause heart palpitations and a tingling feeling throughout by body. Sometimes it's so bad I can only get a few hours of sleep at night.

I've read that when cortisol is low that more adrenaline is produced and thought that may be the cause. My DO thinks that could be causing the internal shaking but is not sure. Has anyone else experienced this?

I also have very low levels of estrogen, progesterone, testostorone and pregnenolone.

My doctor started my treatment with 12 acupuncture sessions which did boost my adrenals and gave me more energy and it also made the internal shaking get much lower, but did not get rid of it totally.

When she started me on Pregenolone for the adrenals and Armour Thyroid in August, I had a bad reaction to both. After 1 day on Armour I became nauseous and had a headache so I stopped it. I started taking the Pregnenolone 2 days later and after 4 days became nauseous and had a headache.

After that I wasn't scheduled to see the doctor for another week and since I was feeling especially tired because I was premenstrual I decided to try ProGest natural progesterone cream to see if that would help. Bad idea. After 3 days of using only 1/4 tsp. a day, I developed cramping (which I never get) and the internal shaking and heart palpitations became pretty strong.

My DO thinks I'm allergic to these hormones and before she puts me on anything else I'm going to start having acupuncture treatments again since that gave me energy before.

She had been reluctant to start me on Cortef because I reacted a little jittery to some homeopathic drops she gave me in July; however after my reactions to the Pregenolone, Armour Thyroid and Progesterone she thought maybe I would react favorably to the Cortef.

For now I'm going to start the acupuncture and see what happens.

If anyone can give me any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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