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My Son's Dr. Apt.
Sep 8, 2004
Dear Friends,

Just wanted to give you an update on our situation. Yesterday Travis went in to see our new osteopath, and her nurse drew about 11 viles of blood for copious tests! I was so relieved. She will also be referring us to my younger son's endochrinologist in order for him to do the ACTH stim test for us. She is doing another CBC, because the last one was back in Nov., is also doing a titer for Lyme and for autoimmune diseases. Is testing for West Nile. Is running repeats of thyroid tests, including Free T3 and Free T4 and TSH. Will also be getting feedback on immune system through the IGA, IGE... hepatitis, etc. I'm excited, because some of these things were a bit off, and want to see whether they have moved to where they are worse off or better (from normal range). She is also testing renin and aldosterone levels, which I was told to have done towards Addisons diagnosis. After reading some of the posts yesterday, I imagine our endo will need to repeat the latter two, to get them done at the same time as the morning Cortisol and ACTH. Don't know when the endo appointment will be scheduled yet, but she wanted to get it scheduled ASAP. Hooray for her! Said if we needed neuro work later on, we'd do that then. This was all to be our first "guess". When all tests have come back, we will go back in to discuss the outcome, since there are so many. If they are inconclusive, we'll have to figure out what to do next. Thanks for all of your support and info.! ~ :wave: Tracy

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