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I started seeing an Endocrinologist because my blood sugar was dropping real low every morning between breakfast and lunch. She did a 5 hour glucose tolerance test and found at the 3rd hour my blood sugar dropped real low. Then she tested my cortisol. I tested at 6. She said that was very low, that it should be highest in the morning. I was put on hydrocortisone and am now being weaned off over a few weeks. Then after being off it for a week my cortisol level will be tested again. I felt horrible when I first when to her. I was so tired and just didn't feel well. I am real sensitive to meds so she had me take a half pill in the morning, a half pill in the afternoon and a quarter in the evening. At first I was real jittery and couldn't sleep. (I wasn't sleeping well with the low cortisol either). I started feeling better with the meds, but I don't think I could just take something on my own. Good luck to you and hope you feel better soon.

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