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Sep 16, 2004
I posted this on the thyroid board as well- hope it might help someone...
I have finally, after 6 years, 4 endos, 6, 4 ents, a d.o, an allergist, and two internists gotten to the bottom of my problem. Most of my complaints are similar to typical hypos- low energy, brain fog, eye problems- too many to list. After about 5 years I was able to get the hypo/hashi dx and was started on .075 Synth- after 10 weeks I had zero improvement- if anything I felt worse- was switched to Armour- still no improvement. At this time my numbrs had moved into "pretty good" range and my endo said that if I wasn't feeling any better "it isn't your thyroid" and "maybe you should see a therapist". Instead of giving up I kept on pressing- buying every book I could, spending time here on the boards, researching like a madman on-line- anything I could do to educate myself. My research kept slamming back into thyroid and ADRENAL. I pressed to get my adrenal tested only to be told that it was too rare and that they could tell if I had an adrenal issue simply by looking at me. I pressed on and had a saliva adrenal test done- knowing it would come back abnormal. It did- came back as zone 7- adrenal failure. Armed with this I went back to the docs and STILL couldn't get any help- they all told me that the saliva test was unreliable. Sooo- I ended up at a D.O who prescribed homeopathy- he believed that I had a thyroid and adrenal issue and that the homeopathy would help. Then came the migraines- 9 in 13 days- uncontrollable. Went back to the dr. and he prescribed a trycyclic a.d to help prevent the migraines- I said "wouldn't you agree that the migraines are just a symptom of the real problem- like possibly my thyroid or adrenal"- he said he agreed but since the endo upstairs at the same clinic had felt that I didn't have an adrenal issue he had to agree with her- flat out told me it was politics (at least he was honest). I went back to the books- especially one called "Thyroid Power"- I kept getting called back to that book as in my opinion it was the most up to date and best written of all the ones I've read. After debating it for a week I finally broke down and called the author of the book- he practices about 2 1/2 hours from where I live. I got right in!!! I won't go into all of the details but it was one of the best days of my life- he was an incredible guy- so intelligent, so caring. He was appalled at my story- he even went as far as to apologize on behalf of the other doctors I've seen. Clearly I have hashimotos- clearly I have adrenal insufficiency- most likely autoimmune adrenal. Without treating my adrenals first thyroid meds would not help at all. I could go on for days and days about my experiences with other docs as well as my experience with this dr.- bottom liine is that I just want to offer up some encouragement to anyone battling the system right now- don't give up... press on and demand answers. If you can't get your current doc to listen, or he or she clearly doesn't understand what's going on with your body, move on- there is someone out there who can help you. Not that I'm an expert now, but I have surely been thru many hoops, and if any of my experiences can help I would be happy to answer any questions that I can- I feel like I must have gone thru all of this for a reason- maybe the reason is so that I can help others in the same boat!

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