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I'd like to hear from anybody who's had experience (good or bad) with DHEA replacement, particularly in conjunction with hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone replacement.

I have Schmidt's (combination of hypo-thyroid and Addisons) and I keep being told that my blood results are "normal". I am on 125 mgc of thyroxine, 30 mgc of hydrocortisone and .1 mgc of fludrocortisone daily. Unfortunately,
I still feel pretty poorly EVERY day and I'm running out of ideas.

My GP is convinced that I am merely depressed (who wouldn't be if you are constantly feeling ill?) and I have a hard time persuading him that there might be other options to try.

Kind regards
Bee :confused:
:) Dear Bee,

I have found DHEA very helpful. There are a lot of discussions on it in this board. Do a search for DHEA. There is also a study supporting its use:

Go to: and do a search for the article:

Improvement in Mood and Fatigue after Dehydroepiandrosterone Replacement in Addison’s Disease in a Randomized, Double Blind Trial
Penelope J. Hunt1,2, Eleanor M. Gurnell1,3, Felicia A. Huppert, Christine Richards, A. Toby Prevost, John A. H. Wass, Joseph Herbert and V. Krishna K. Chatterjee4

My humble suggestion to you is to change doctors. There are many ways your meds could be affecting your moods. It sounds like you need your blood checked for hormones etc. For example, your dhea!

DHEA can help, as well your replacement dose may be a tad high and be putting you in a cushingoid state.
Salt and hydration helps too.
I take DHEA 20MG a day in two does of 10 Mg one at 7am and one at 3pm, I feel great and have way more energy since starting it. There are pros and cons but for me the pros outweighed the cons. It may not be for everyone so as AdrenalMan suggested do some research to figure out what is best for you. I too have Addisons and my thryoid doesn't work at all, numerous other conditions as well and was sick for so very long...........I would not say I was depressed at anytime but was sick of being sick most certainly. I too would say a Dr. who just says depressed and doesn't look into other possibilities......maybe isn't the right Dr for you at this time. There are always other options and you have a right to them for your own well being.

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