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Sep 16, 2004
Hi. Can I get a second opinion on my last set of labwork? The DO says normal but I have been having all the symptoms that keep leading me back to adrenal problems, probably secondary.

Test Results - Blood draw at 8 am. Extra painful as the needle slipped while swapping tubes.

cortisol random: 7.5 ug/dL Range: 4.0 - 22.0 ug/dL
DHEA, unconjugated: 270 ng/dL Range: 130 - 980
Aldosterone: 7 ng/dL Range: 3-35 ng/dL

The CAT scan came back negative as well. My Neurologist is sending me for a MRI next week. At this point I am almost praying for some "bad" news as I am so sick of not being able to function and being told that "Everything looks good". At least my current set of doctors are not afraid to keep looking.

One strange twist in all of this is that my sister and my mother are also suffering from the same type problems. My mother and I are both diagnosed with hypothyroid and are on synthyroid.

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