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Not noticed any spots on tongue or inside of mouth. My arm hair/leg hair growth has definately slowed down as it used to grow back real quick after a wax but now it isn't.
(which I am pleased about!!)
The brown patches don't look like a nice even tan but more patches of freckles with dry skin. If I rub it, it eventually goes as the skin falls away (sorry for the detail) but it comes back.

My memory is really suffering. I used to pride myself on how good my memory was I am only 27 years old but I feel like I have the brain of a 70 year old which is a bit annoying as I am due to start studying nutrition.

What is your view on taking glandulars? I have looked at what the company Nutri has to offer and they do adrenal and thyroid support. I know you have to be careful with anything you take and I do have my Dr who will watch over me but do you know anyone who has had success with this type of treatment?


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